About wildfarmed

Our story begins in a field in France, where Andy Cato, one-half of the iconic duo Groove Armada, sold his music rights to buy a farm after reading about the horrors of the industrial food system. For years, he toiled, tested, and developed farming methods that now underpin the Wildfarmed Regenerative Standards.

Fast forward to 2018, and Wildfarmed was formed when Andy joined forces with Edd Lees and George Lamb to found a business designed to transform lives and landscapes by producing delicious, healthy, and regenerative flour, bread, pizza, and everything in between.

Today, our ever-growing, full-of-life team is partnering with bakeries, restaurant chains, and supermarkets, and working with over a hundred growers, spreading the buzz of the birds, bugs, and bees to fields across the land.


Andy cato

Andy Cato, Wildfarmed co-founder, is an award-winning mixed arable and livestock farmer. He was awarded the 2020 Laureate Nationale for innovation in agroecology and the Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole for his work in France. Back on British soil and farming as a tenant of the National Trust, Andy founded Wildfarmed, a food and farming business that grows regenerative wheat to make flour, with his co-founders George Lamb and Edd Lees. His belief is that food and farming are our greatest points of agency to deal with the multiple crises with which we are faced.

Edd lees

Edd has over twenty years of experience in financial markets and left his job as global co-head of a derivatives business to set up Wildfarmed. He believes that the extractive business models of the last century will become obsolete and that Wildfarmed will be recognised as a regenerative brand built for long-term resilience.

George Lamb

George spent the first half of his professional career working in the entertainment industry, and following a revelatory breakthrough in 2012, George has been figuring out how best to use his position and influence to make a positive, meaningful and lasting impact on society. In 2018 he founded GROW - a life skills education programme that works in schools and communities to promote mental wellbeing, physical health and a more hands-on relationship with nature. And in 2019 he helped establish Wildfarmed alongside Edd and Andy.

our mission

Our world is suffering from food poisoning. The industrial food system is killing us and our planet. But there is an alternative. We have the power to transform lives and landscapes through food and community. If we can fix food, we can fix the planet.We farm with nature, not against it, growing wheat in soil that is full of life. Food is the invitation to join us. Flour is the main ingredient, so we start there, then bread. We'll continue with... We'll never be finished. So come with us. Everyone is invited. 

Proud to be a B-Corp

Whilst we know that we have all the ingredients for a business that truly combines profit and purpose, we’re proud to be officially part of a movement that aims to transform the global economy to benefit people, communities and the planet.