The Hosfords Traveller's Rest Farm
The Hosfords
The Hosford's farm is in Dorset, near Blandford Forum. Fred, George and Dougal are growing winter wheat with beans and linseed over 22ha, 32ha of spring wheat with beans and some spring barley for Wildfarmed.

Meet the Hosfords...


It’s been over forty years since brothers George and Dougal took over from their father at Traveller’s Rest in Dorset.⁠


The regenerative model has been in play for some time down in Dorset - minimising the use of ‘cides and reducing the use of machinery. However with Dougal’s son Fred back on the farm, the determination to understand his crops and problems with biology not chemistry is real.


This begins with adopting the Wildfarmed Standards, engaging in a model that allows the Hosfords to be rewarded for the quality of their crops, whilst putting biodiversity back into our fields.⁠


As Fred says - it just feels right.



“In a further attempt to reduce our reliance on fertiliser and chems, we are trying out bi-cropping, in this case, growing spring wheat and beans together, reducing the risk of disease for both crops, and contributing diversity to the soil and environment. Once harvested we will attempt to separate the wheat and beans with our ancient cleaner. They are being grown on contract with a company called Wildfarmed who encourage growers to try more environmentally friendly farming methods by finding premium markets for the produce.” George Hosford - View From The Hill [personal blog]