John Pawsey Shimpling Park Farm
John Pawsey
John Pawsey farms near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, he’s growing 40ha of Wildfarmed wheat with a clover understory. John farms organically across his whole farm and has a holistic approach to managing the soil's natural fertility and resilience.

John Pawsey’s family have farmed in Suffolk for four generations. John’s concerns about overworked soils and diminishing biodiversity on the farm led him to convert it to organic in 1999. John is a leading innovator of research into bi-cropping and was part of an Innovative Farmers trial researching the use of livestock to manage weeds without chemicals. No biggie. He’s been growing with Wildfarmed since 2022. Here’s some nice words John has said about growing for us.

Excerpt from No-Till Farmer Magazine

We have also planted 25 hectares (about 60 acres) of Wildfarmed grain for musician-turned-farmer Andy Cato. Andy came to Shimpling Park Farm last year, and annoyingly he was charming, handsome, knowledgeable and extremely tall. He also has a full head of hair, which I always hate on a man. I invited him for lunch, and I am afraid to say that [my wife] Alice Pawsey let herself down and her family down by swooning all over the poor chap. It was pathetic. He then broke one of our kitchen chairs by the simple act of sitting on it. I suggested to Alice afterwards that perhaps he was a little fat, but she assured me it was muscle built up during the days when he worked his French farm with horses. Said chair is still broken because, “Andy sat on it." See what I mean?


I had the absolute pleasure of going to Andy’s farm in Coleshill a couple of weeks ago, and what he is doing there is truly inspiring. I seriously urge you to go if you ever get the chance. It’s mind blowing.


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